There are so many times when I just don’t know how to pray or what to pray for.  Situations can come up in a flash.  Circumstances that are happening to myself, family or friends.  Decisions that have to be made.  Advice, opinions, and just the day to day “things”. 

Yes, pray, but how?  Romans 8:26 says:
“The Spirit also sighs within us with words too deep for articulation, assisting us in our prayers when we struggle to know how to pray properly.  When we feel restricted in our flesh, he supersedes our clumsy efforts and hits bulls-eye every time.”

Yes!  The Spirit supersedes and hits a bullseye every time!  SO good to know!  The Spirit is in us and with us 24/7, ready to help!  The Spirit is power! (Eph 1:19)

Praying in the Spirit is such a blessing.  Knowing that He “intercedes on our behalf” (Rom 8:26 Amp)  is such a comfort.  If you have never prayed in the Spirit, it is as easy as asking Him. 

Ask the Holy Spirit for His help before you start your day and remember that you can always pray in the Spirit-the perfect prayer, any place, any time.

Lori Rola

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