Who has your trust, man or God?

There is a lot of construction on the roads during the summer months and locally they are building a new overpass on a major highway.  Every day you can see new progress and it sure looks complicated.  As we drove under the construction, I thought about how much trust we put into man.  We really don’t give it much thought at all, we just believe that the bridges and roads made by men are safe.

We go to a doctor and take what he says to be what really is.  We might get a second opinion, but eventually, we will trust one of the doctors. 

There are so many areas of our life that we place in man's hands.  Men, who would not even be if it were not for God. 

Do we take God at His Word, totally trust Him, like we do man?

“May the God of hope (expectation, trust, confidence) fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope (expectation, trust, confidence) by the power of the Holy Spirit.”(Romans 15:13)   

May our expectation, trust, and confidence be totally in Jesus!  May we take Him at His Word!  He alone fills us with all joy and peace.  As we trust Him,  we overflow with expectation and confidence in Him!  The Holy Spirit strengthens us and reinforces us. (Eph 3:16) Trusting in Jesus, His love for us and our righteousness through Him, (2 Cor 5:21) is the key to a stress-free, peaceful, confident life. 
Lori Rola

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