Galatians 3:13-14
Christ redeemed us from that self-defeating, cursed life by absorbing it completely into himself. Do you remember the Scripture that says, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree”? That is what happened when Jesus was nailed to the cross: He became a curse, and at the same time dissolved the curse. And now, because of that, the air is cleared and we can see that Abraham’s blessing is present and available for non-Jews, too. We are all able to receive God’s life, his Spirit, in and with us by believing—just the way Abraham received it. (The Message)

I am so thankful that 2,000 years ago Christ died on a cross and became a curse for us! While the world may look disheveled, sick, poor, and defeated, we can live victoriously! 

Many Christians do not know this truth.  They don't know that they can choose to live under the blessing of Abraham.
Under the blessing of Abraham God promised:
-His name would be great
-His seed would be multiplied
-He would have land (Debt free, of course)
-He would have livestock, servants, and riches
...and the list goes on (CHECK Deut 28:1-14, Genesis 15)

ABRAHAM WAS BLESSED and we can live under that same blessing!
Jesus became a curse for us, He took poverty, sickness, lack and our sins!
Now, we can CHOOSE to live under the blessing of Abraham.

How do we receive the blessing?  We receive it by faith, the same way we received Christ as our Savior!  


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