Have you ever thought or said, “ I can’t help it, after all, I’m only human!”? 

“Calculate the cross, there can only be one logical conclusion, he died your death, that means you died to sin and are now alive to God.   Sin consciousness can never again feature in your future!  You are IN Christ Jesus, his Lordship is the authority of this union.”  Romans 6:11 Mirror

Recently, I blew it big time in my thoughts, with what I said and with my attitude.  I let it rip.  Let the flesh do its thing.  Didn’t feel good while it was happening and when it was over!  I then noticed two things.  First, the defeated feeling came.  The “I am a sinner” feeling.   A real yuck!  That’s when I also heard the Holy Spirit say “sin once called the shots, now righteousness rules” ( Rom 6:18). 

Praise Jesus!  I’m dead to sin!  I’m righteous!  That’s the truth and that's what God see’s. It took me a moment to play this through in my heart and make the decision to believe what God says about me.  The next “feeling” was a whole lot better! 

Remember, “sin was your master while the law was your measure, now grace rules.” (Rom 6:14). Grace rules!!!

Lori Rola

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