The Book of Romans is so powerful, sometimes I can only read a few verses and have to stop.

“He pre-designed and engineered us from the start to be jointly fashioned in the same mold and image of his son according to the exact blueprint of his thought. We see the original and intended pattern of our lives preserved in his Son. He is the firstborn from the same womb that reveals our genesis. He confirms that we are the invention of God. Jesus reveals that we pre-existed in God, he defines us. He justified us and also glorified us. He redeemed our innocence and restored the glory we lost in Adam. All these things point to one conclusion, God is for us! Who can prevail against us! “ Romans 8:29-31 Mirror

Now that is powerful! I can hardly read it without crying. Fashioned after Jesus which is how God sees us. Jesus defines us. He justified (just as if I have never sinned) and glorified (He rendered our worth, it’s His opinion that matters and is of worth, and His opinion is, NO FAULT) us! Jesus purchased us back!

“The gift of his son is the irrefutable evidence of God’s heart towards us. He held nothing in reserve, but freely and undeservedly gave everything we could ever wish to have, this is what our joint sonship is all about.” Romans 8:32 Mirror

God loves us so much that He held nothing back, not even His Son! The new covenant is between God and His Son Jesus, not us! We cannot do anything to deserve or earn what Jesus did. He took upon Himself all of our sins and sicknesses. He took our place! When God looks at us, He sees Jesus.

Praise, we do not have to DO anything, it’s done! Jesus did it 2000 years ago. So, any efforts of ours, any works we might think we have to do, is not needed!

Lori Rola

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