John 9:25
He said, "I cannot say whether he is a sinner or not, but one thing I do know is that once I was blind but now I see!"

I love Jesus.  I love that He shocked people.  He was constantly doing the unexpected.  He talked to poor woman, He ate with sinners, He turned tables, and He healed on the sabbath.
He wasn't what the religious expected from their coming Messiah, so instead of believing in Him, they constantly tried to get Him in trouble.
The Pharisees saw that Jesus healed the blind man on the Sabbath and got upset.  They wanted Jesus arrested.
They began to question the blind man, they asked him how his eyes were opened.
In John 9:27 the blind man says to the Pharisees questioning him, "But I have already told you and you are not hearing me; why would you want to hear it again, are you perhaps also desiring to become his followers?'
Verse 28 tells us that the Pharisees scorned him and accused him of being a "Jesus-disciple".
The blind man's response was awesome, he said "I am amazed that you just cannot see this; how can you not perceive where he is from? I mean, hello!  He opened my eyes!" (The Mirror Bible)

I LOVE that response.  You see, that man was COMPLETELY convinced.  He wasn't like the religious Pharisees, he had no background in religion.  He was just a blind beggar, until one day, JESUS came.
Jesus changed everything for that man!  "But one thing I do know is that once I was blind but now I see!"
When Jesus touches you, there is no talking you out of it!  There is POWER in your testimony.

What is it that you need Jesus to do for you, today?  Do you need your sight?  Do you need healing? Do you need a financial breakthrough?  Jesus is willing.

The religious may not like it, but when you turn off the noise of the religious around you, and just look to Jesus, you'll see Him, standing in front of you, waiting to touch you- waiting to give you sight.


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