Philippians 4:13
In every situation I am strong in the one who empowers me from within to be who I am! 

Paul went through some difficult times, and yet he says, "In every situation I am strong..."
Paul was strong because he was empowered by God!  He was empowered by the One who dwelled in him!
We have that same power.  In every situation we are strong because we have the power of God dwelling in us!  He is our identity.  As He is so are we in this world.  We are strong- we are well able to overcome!
Whatever life is throwing your way, know that you have the strength and the joy to overcome!
There is nothing too difficult for the God that dwells inside of you.
Today, even if you don't 'feel' strong, know that you are!

We serve the God that conquered death!  We have the victory!


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