Grace is God's undeserved, unearned and unmerited favor.  In fact, the word grace that is used in scripture literally means favor.
Romans 1:7 says, "...Grace to you and peace from our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ."
As children of God, we can expect to be favored everywhere we go.  Psalms 5:12 tells us that His favor surrounds us like a shield, we can't escape it!  It surrounds us!
I looked up the word favor and one of the definitions was 'feel or show approval or preference for'.  That means if you have a business you will find people flocking to you because they like and trust you!  In fact, wherever you go, whether it is to the grocery store or to the gym you can expect to be favored there!
Not only are you favored, but according to 2 Peter 1:2 you can increase that favor!  It tells us that God's grace (or favor) is multiplied to us "in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord."  This means that the more you behold Jesus and His love for you, and the more you believe and confess His favor, the more you will see it at work in your life!
His favor surrounds you!  People want to be around you because of it!  People want to do business with you, they want to hang out with you, and they end up blessing you and being blessed by you!
This year is your year of abundant blessings, His favor is opening new doors and is bringing in the right people at the right time.
Imagine getting around other gospel believing Christians- all that favor in one room, things are bound to happen!
Today, believe and receive His favor that is surrounding you.


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