God is not out to judge you, He is out to bless you!
When Jesus died for us He took upon His own body all of our past, present, and future sins.  He took the curse upon Himself so that we could live under the blessing.
How do we receive the blessing? By believing!  Declare the blessings over your own life and watch His grace (favor) go to work!
(Deuteronomy 28:1-15)
Blessings are overtaking me today!
I am blessed in the city and blessed in the field.
My children are blessed, my crops are blessed, my land is blessed.  I am blessed going in and I am blessed going out!
The blessing is on my barns and my workplace, the land that God has given me is blessed!
All people on Earth see that I am living under the Name of God and hold me in respectful awe.  God has lavished me with good things!  Everything I touch is blessed!  I am the head and not the tail, I am the top and not the bottom!

Today, expect the blessing of God to open new doors in your life!  He is a good God, full of mercy and kindness.  He is not out to judge you, He already judged Jesus!  You are now marked as RIGHTEOUS and can receive all you need to live a life of abundance!


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