Psalm 37:4 
Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.

The more you seek the Lord, the more you begin to see His awesome plan for your life.  His desires become your desires.

He has better plans for your life than you can even imagine!  His plans are HUGE.  He has an abundance of every good thing for you today (2 Cor 9:8).

If you have been delighting yourself in the Lord, and you desire something, then that is the Lord who placed that desire in you.  If you desire to be married, to be out of debt, or a resolved relationship, those are there because the Lord placed them there.  He is faithful.  He did not place them in your heart not to fulfill them.  He will come through for you!

Be blessed,

Thank you for giving me the desires of my heart!  You are faithful and I know I will see you move in my life today! You are worthy!

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