“The presence of the law made no difference, instead it merely highlighted the offense, but where sin increased, grace superseded it.”  
Romans 5:20 Mirror

When someone sins and is caught, especially a person like a pastor, you might hear people say that they have “fallen from grace”.  God wants us to know that no matter who you are, when you sin, you don’t fall out of grace, you fall INTO grace!

There are several stories in the Bible about prostitutes and corrupt men who found Jesus and received his grace!  They fell into it, not out!  God’s grace is right there and gives us the power to overcome and get back up!

We are righteous with God’s righteousness through Jesus (2 Cor 5:21).  It has nothing to do with us and our “goodness”.  God does hate sin and sin destroys!  The more we rely on God’s grace through Jesus, the more transformed our minds/lives will be and the temptation to sin will be less and less.

When Satan comes at you with thoughts that you do not deserve God’s grace after what you just did or wanted to do, you tell him that God’s grace is bigger than all the sin in the world!

Where sin increased, grace superseded it!

Lori Rola

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