Psalm 42:2 says:  “My soul, my life, my inner self-thirsts for God, for the living God.”

Did you know that your soul was born with an insatiable thirst that can only be TRULY quenched by one person? Only the living God can satisfy your soul! You may come from the best family on earth. Still, your soul is thirsty for the living God. You may have more money than Bill Gates (okay, probably not ☹). But, regardless of your success or accomplishments - your soul is thirsty for the living God.

And notice, it said LIVING God! There ARE other gods to choose from, but none are living. Gods are anything in our lives that we worship-that we give our affection to-that we run to when life is hard. We look to money, worldly affirmation, stuff (especially stuff that is better than all your friends’ stuff 😊), sex, drugs, human love, etc. And if we’re honest, every one of those things does bring a temporary pleasure…..some heightened sense of emotional well-being that seems to fulfill. The problem is, none of those gods are living. There is only ONE God who is living, and His name is JESUS!

This Jesus said in John 4:13-14 that whoever (that would be you and me) drinks from anything other than HIM, WILL continue to be thirsty. But, whoever drinks from the water that Jesus gives, he/she will NEVER (that means NEVER) be thirsty again.

When I was an 18-year-old freshman in college, I sat at my kitchen table with my sister and said a 30 second heartfelt prayer to drink of Jesus….to surrender my entire life to Him. I had every single thing on that list above and I was trying desperately to fill the void in my soul.  But, deep down, I was empty. That night, my soul drank of Jesus and I can honestly say that His words are 100% true.  My innermost being has NEVER been thirsty again!! Yes, I’ve had trials. Yes, I’ve battled some very difficult situations. But, through it all, my soul was at rest, knowing that I am filled with the very presence of Jesus and no matter what may happen, I have the LIVING GOD with me and in me. You really can’t have a bad day when you stay focused on that reality!

If you are looking for fulfillment or peace in any other place than the living God and His love, you will only find temporary fixes. Your soul was made to find it’s rest only in Him. Drink of Jesus today and you will NEVER be thirsty again!

-Erin Morar 

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