Is there someone that you really like to be with?  You look forward to sitting down with them and talking.  You cherish the time you have with them.   That's how you should think of Jesus.  When you sit down to read the living Word, you should feel as though you are sitting with Him, that He is physically right there with you.   You now have the opportunity to spend quality time with Jesus and build the closest, most awesome relationship you have ever had or can ever dream of having.

The other day I got really busy as soon as I got up and I found myself saying several times as the day went on “I haven’t read The Bible yet, I have to read!”  Then I heard a thought, “no, you get to spend time with Jesus, one on one!”

You should think of reading your Bible or praying not as a task, but a personal blessing.  A privilege.  That’s how He wants you to feel.  God is a good God and He is not mad at you or ticked off at you.  He wants to listen to you and talk to you.  He loves you and wants you to know that He loves you!  He has everything that we need!

“In Jesus Christ you individually discover who you are.  I am convinced of God’s love for you, he restored you to the harmony of your original design, you were made holy in Christ Jesus, no wonder then that you are surnamed Saints (likeness to God).  His grace gift in Christ secures your total wellbeing.  The Father of the Lord Jesus Christ is ours also, he is our God.”  (Romans 1:6-7 Mirror)

Enjoy your one on one time with Jesus today,
Lori Rola

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