1 John 4:19
We love because He first loved us.

Throughout the day we usually have several opportunities to get offended.  
Maybe someone will say something mean to you, or give you a glare, or possibly even honk at you.  When things like that happen, how do you react?  Do you react in love, or do you think about yourself and how you 'feel'?  
It is easy to 'feel' upset in those types of situations, it is easy to get offended, but God calls us to walk in love.  
He calls us to love others, even the people who are 'difficult' to love.  
When we walk in love, we open up the door for blessings!  Don't allow people or situations to get you upset.  Love people despite what they say or do.  Shine the light of Jesus! 
Love people, because He first loved you.  Show them HIS love.



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