Psalm 37:4
Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Ephesians 3:20
Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us,

Matthew 6:30-33 (the message)
“If God gives such attention to the appearance of wildflowers—most of which are never even seen—don’t you think he’ll attend to you, take pride in you, do his best for you? What I’m trying to do here is to get you to relax, to not be so preoccupied with getting, so you can respond to God’s giving. People who don’t know God and the way he works fuss over these things, but you know both God and how he works. Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don’t worry about missing out. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met.

My friend and I usually spend most of our time in the New Testament, specifically the Pauline Epistles (the books written to us, Romans-Philemon).  Really, that's where you should be spending most of your time, but we both decided we would change things up a bit and read through the old testament as well.
Today, I read through Genesis 5-6.  In chapter 6 the Lord tells Noah HOW to build the ark.  The thing is, he gives exact measurements.  He doesn't just say, "Hey Noah, go build an ark."  Instead, God gives him specifics!  He gives detailed instructions!
He's the same detailed God when it comes to your life.  He's not just saying to you, "Hey you should go find a new job!"  Instead, He is the God who already has the perfect job lined up with all the details ALREADY taken care of.
Whatever it is that you are waiting for or worried about, TRUST HIM.  His timing is PERFECT.  Know that every detail is taken care of and it will be BETTER than you ever imagined!  We serve a God who does exceedingly more than we could ever ask or think!
We serve a God who thinks about the details!
Today, I declare that our desires are met (in the most detailed-perfect way)!



  1. Right on time! God's never late, but He's never early either. He's right there, at the exact time that you need Him to be!