Romans 4:8
Blessed is the one whose sin the Lord will never count against them.

Today, I didn't feel very righteous.  In fact, I felt like a pretty mean person- maybe it was nothing noticeable to an observer, but to me, it was a big deal.  Lately, the Holy Spirit has been showing me different areas where I need improvement- one of them being selfishness.  

I listened to this sermon a while back on marriage.  There aren't too many sermons I remember years after I listen to them, but this was one of them.  It talked about denying yourself and loving others.  It talked about how, instead of looking out for our own best interest, we should look out for others.  The sermon was by Andrew Wommack, and in it, he gave an example of a woman who married a man who was totally crazy.  He was VERY unkind to his wife, but instead of her choosing to leave him (which would have been justified) she chose to stay and love him selflessly. He eventually came around and now they have a great marriage!  

I listened to that sermon again last night, so today I was so much more aware of 'self'.  
Well, I just read over Romans 4.  After failing so miserably today, I am so thankful the Lord brought me to Romans 4!  It's a chapter all about how we're righteous, but not because of anything we did! We are righteous because of Jesus! We are righteous because we put our faith in HIM! 
Thank God our righteousness is not by works!  
Thank God for the Holy Spirit who daily leads us to become more like Christ! 


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