Romans 10:17
So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ.

What is it that you listen to throughout the day?
Are you listening to messages that build your faith, or are you listening to messages that will bring doubt and unbelief?
Faith ALWAYS (and only) comes by HEARING.
It is so important to listen to faith building messages, it is also a great idea to read the Word of God out loud so you can hear yourself speak those powerful words of LIFE.
I remember back when I first got the revelation of the GOOD NEWS about Christ:
He HEALED us, made us RIGHTEOUS, STRENGTHENED us, and so much more!
I would listen to messages for hours daily!
I was building my faith up!

Almost every day I still listen to a faith building message!
Some of my favorites are:
Kenneth Copeland
EMIC (George Pearsons)
Andrew Wommack
Bill Winston
Kenneth Hagin
Gloria Copeland

They all have awesome messages you can listen to on YouTube in order to build your faith!
(I added some good ones at the end)

Faith ALWAYS and ONLY comes by hearing, make sure you're listening to the right things.


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