Romans 12:1
Live consistent with who you really are, inspired by the loving kindness of God.  My brothers, the most practical expression of worship is to make your bodies available to him as a living sacrifice; this pleases him more than any religious routine.  He desires to find visible, individual expression in your person. (The Mirror Bible)

As Christians, we should be living consistent with who we really are (Romans 12:1).
The Word should be our mirror.  We should be reading the Word to renew our mind, and to learn our TRUE identity.
Religion tells us lies, but the WORD gives us truth.
The Word tells us that by His stripes we are healed (1 Peter 2:24, Is 53:5, Matt. 8:17)!
The Word tells us that we are prosperous (Philippians 4:19, Deut 28:1-15, Luke 6:38).
The Word tells us that we are CHOSEN by God, that we are righteous, justified, blessed, and favored.
Does your life reflect those truths?
If not, get in the Word and renew your mind to the truth.  Begin to live consistent with who you REALLY are in Christ.


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