Proverbs 4:22
For they are life (The Word) to those who find them, and healing and health to all their flesh.  

Last week I was feeling a little under the weather.  I finally text my parents and told them, my dad text back and said, "Take your medicine".  He then sent me several scriptures to read over (That's my medicine, the powerful Word of God).
-Psalms 103
-1 Peter 2:24
-3 John 2
-1 John 4:17
-Take Communion
The thing is, I know how to defeat sickness.  Jesus died so that I can be made well.  By His stripes, I AM healed.  I just had to stand on the Word of God and receive my healing.  I knew it.  I knew what I had to do.  I was just being lazy.  I wanted my dad to pray for me and give me a quick fix.  I didn't want to have to go and read through the scriptures for myself, I wanted to use my dad's faith.
You know what?  His faith could have worked for me, but instead, He gave me better advice.  He enabled me, He gave me the tools.
It's great to have someone lay hands on you to receive your healing, but do you know what's better?  Being healed through the Word of God, not having to rely on anyone else's faith!  Know the Word for yourself!  Get into the scriptures and receive your healing!  Don't let the thief steal anything from you.  Take back your life this year.  Get into the Word of God for yourself.


Here's an easy way to read scriptures pertaining to a specific topic: Victorious Living

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