Galatians 5:24
Now those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.

As Christians, we are called to 'crucify' our flesh.  
I haven't really given that verse too much thought until I read a book called Self-Centeredness: The Source of All Grief by Andrew Wommack.  WOW, was that book an eye opener.  It is a short, easy read and I HIGHLY recommend it! 

Pretty much the book showed me how selfish I truly am... BUMMER!  
It's great, though, because now I am able to recognize it and put self to death! 

Would a dead person get upset if someone was talking bad about them?
Would a dead person get upset if someone made fun of them, called them names, kicked them, lied to them, etc? 
NO! They wouldn't because they are DEAD! 
Well, as Christians we are called to CRUCIFY our flesh.  
If someone starts to talk about you and you get upset, who is it that you are thinking about?  SELF!

Many times Christians tend to go to one extreme or the other!  They are either very selfish or very 'humble'  so humble that they won't admit that they are humble (which is actually selfish)... 

WELL Numbers 12:3 says, "(Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth.)"
You know what's amazing about that? MOSES IS THE ONE WHO WROTE IT!
He called himself the most humble man on Earth. Being humble isn't talking down about yourself (That's actually selfish- you're thinking about YOURSELF). Being humble is telling the truth- calling yourself exactly who you are. In Moses's case, he WAS the most humble man on Earth, so that's exactly what he said.

I challenge you today to think less about self, and more about others.  If you are upset or see yourself getting upset, ask yourself why?  Are you thinking about only YOU or are you considering others first?  BY considering others, you're actually helping yourself- you won't be upset! 


Seriously, you should read the book- it's good! You can get it by clicking HERE 

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