Psalm 85:2
Thou hast forgiven the iniquity of thy people; thou hast covered all their sin.

What a glorious day it is when the Christian realizes that they are RIGHTEOUS!
When they realize that EVERY sin past, present, and future, are ALL forgiven!
When Jesus died on the cross He died for your every sin and mistake!

Now, knowing you are RIGHTEOUS through Christ, you can go boldly to the throne room of God.  How amazing it is to have a right relationship with our Father!

When you know that you are forgiven and redeemed, you can begin to receive all of the blessings the Lord has already provided.

Today,  live knowing you are FORGIVEN and made RIGHT wth God!
You can go to the Father knowing you are washed clean, it doesn't matter what you did or what you will do.  When you go before God, He sees His Son!  You are IN Christ, a NEW creation!
When you begin to realize you are righteous, you'll be amazed to see that your actions will begin to reflect that truth.  You'll begin to act righteous!


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