Tonight, I was flooded with so many thoughts.  I thought about death.  I thought about hell.  I thought about the people, who right now, are dying with no hope.  They're in darkness and they're on their way to a place where there is no escape.  A place of torment.

I felt guilty because I was just sitting there, with this beautiful life.  I feel like I have this light all around me, I feel joy and peace and complete health.  I feel Jesus, and I know Jesus.  The thing is, I want everyone to know Jesus.

I thought about how even in death Christians are victorious.  The world needs that victory, and they need it right now.  Honestly, I don't even know what it's like to live in darkness.  I grew up with parents who taught me the Word.  I am so thankful.  I don't want to know darkness, and I want those in darkness, to come to the light.

As I drove home, I listened to For the Cross by Bethel.  As I listened to this song, I thought about how satan must've thought he won when Jesus was put on that cross.  It must've felt hopeless as He took His last breath.  He was put into the grave, it looked like the story was over.  Then, three days later, the most epic love story of all time took place.  Jesus rose again, conquering death!  He came, died, and rose again for YOU and I.  Literally, no love story will ever match up.  Jesus gave us hope.
He gave us victory.

Now we get to go out and share that victory with a lost and dying world.  We get to be the light of Jesus. We get to be His hands and feet.
We are so privileged, so blessed, and so loved.

My 2017 goal: Share the love of Jesus.


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