Matthew 8:3
And Jesus put forth his hand and touched him, saying, I will; be thou clean.  And immediately his leprosy was cleansed.

The leper in Matthew 8 was healed IMMEDIATELY!  What a day that must've been for him!
Have you ever thought that something you desire is IMPOSSIBLE?
For so long I thought that having hair was IMPOSSIBLE (I had Alopecia Universalis for over 12 years).  Growing up I would picture myself with hair, but it always seemed like it was in the future, like the day would never really come!  It looked impossible!  Then one day I received my miracle and am now living HEALED!

What is it in your life that looks impossible?  Is it your children serving the Lord?  A sickness that needs to leave your body?  A financial breakthrough?

Whatever it is, it is NOT impossible for God.  In fact, it very well could manifest TODAY, RIGHT NOW!  IMMEDIETLY!

We serve a good Father who isn't holding out on us.  He has good things for us and wants us to receive those good things, TODAY!

If I would have known the truth, I would have never gotten sick, to begin with, but NOW I KNOW the truth!  Once you know what the Lord HAS ALREADY provided for you, you won't have to WAIT and can receive IMMEDIETLY!

This is the year of GREATER, don't wait until 2017 to receive whatever it is you are believing for.  Receive it RIGHT NOW!


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