Growing up I would often hear my mom tell my brother, "You're going to make a great lawyer one day!"
I don't think she would say that because she necessarily believed it, she just said it because he would debate her on things.  
Well, years later, he is now a lawyer.  
Whether you realize it or not, your words have POWER! 
Proverbs 18:21 says, "The tongue has the power of death and life"

What you speak over your children has a HUGE impact on their lives!  As their parent, you have authority over them!  When you speak angels go to work to make that word come to pass in their lives.  

In Genesis 9 Noah curses his son Canaan, and guess what!? HE WAS CURSED.  Noah spoke and it happened.  Your words have the power to bless or curse your children.  

My mom tells me often that I am an anointed speaker!  That I am a mover and a shaker for the Kingdom of God.  Well, that is engrained in me now.  Sometimes I think about other things I could be doing or other jobs I could be pursuing, but deep down in me I keep hearing- Nope, I'm a mover and a shaker!  I am going to be a speaker for the Lord! 

My parents are constantly speaking life into our lives! 
What are you speaking into your children's lives? 


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