2 Corinthians 1:2
The Lordship of Jesus the Messiah endorses the fact that you are the object of God's favor and friendship. (The Mirror)

I was reading through Corinthians and when I came to that verse I had to stop to re-read it.  We are the OBJECT of God's FAVOR and FRIENDSHIP.

YOU are not only favored by God, but He considers you His friend.  WOW!
Religion teaches us that we can do nothing, we are just sinners.  When you actually get a hold of the truth, it tells us that we are not only righteous, but we are FRIEND'S of GOD!

Don't believe religion, get into the word of God for yourself!  Begin to see yourself the way the Lord sees you!   He sees you as a blameless child!  He sees you as a world changer!

Today, believe and receive your right standing with God!


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