2 Timothy 2:22
“Instead of a sin-consciousness, cultivate a righteousness-consciousness.”

God sees us as one with him. We are righteous=right standing with God. We are to cultivate= to acquire or develop, this mindset. The Word is alive, living and active. The more we read and meditate on it, the more we will become conscious of our righteousness.

Satan does not want us to believe we are righteous. He takes every opportunity to point out and remind us of all that we have done wrong. He wants us sin conscious. Not just our sin either, he points out the sin of those around us. Sometimes that is what we see most. If your thoughts are not worthy of praise, honorable, just, right, pure, than you shouldn't' be thinking them. Instead, thank The Lord that you are one with Him and in right standing! Tell satan to get lost and start praising! He hates that and will flee.

Take every sin conscious moment and make it a righteousness conscious moment. Your one and it’s done!

Lori Rola

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