It is not good taste to ask Him to heal us, for He has already done it. This truth came with a shock when I first saw it. He declared that we are healed; therefore we are. The only problem now is to get in perfect harmony with His word. If He declared we are healed, then our part is to thank Him for the work He has already accomplished. -E.W. Kenyon
Most of you know my testimony. I was healed almost a year and a half ago now, but recently sickness has been trying to creep its way back into my body.

For the past month or so, my hair has been falling out pretty rapidly… I’ve been trying to ignore it. I usually don’t admit to sickness, I don’t want to give the devil any leeway. I don’t want him to receive any glory. I finally had it though and text my dad. I told him how I felt like I deserved to be sick because I wasn’t eating right, wasn’t spending enough time with the Lord, etc. He quickly reminded me that I can’t do anything to earn God’s love. He loved me before I loved Him! He loved me when I was still a sinner.
I understood all of that deep down, but I didn’t know what to do in reality.

Recently, this article was sent out to every single person on Andrew Wommack’s mailing list (Thousands I’m sure). I felt pressure to keep this healing, I didn’t want to disappoint people.

After going through my first year of Bible college, I now have more knowledge but the thing is, I got healed before all of this ‘new knowledge’.
I read this testimony again, my testimony, and it hit me.

When I got healed all I did was thank Him for what He already did for me. I was bald, but I began to just thank Him for His finished work on the cross. I thanked Him for my long, strong hair. I just kept thanking Him.

A couple of days ago the Lord brought me back to that. I don’t need to do anything to earn it, I can’t do anything to earn it!
I received my healing by thanking Him, and friends, I will keep my healing by thanking Him.
We serve such a good Father. He’s not difficult to understand or keeping any secrets from us. He wants you well.
I am so thankful, not only for my hair but for the realization of how good our God is.

It's only been a couple of days, and I already can physically see such a huge difference! Praise changes things!
#startrejoicingnow the battle has been won.
You can read part of my testimony HERE

Be blessed,