You have been qualified as a vessel for God!!!

Do you know why you can go out and lay hands on the sick and they will recover? (Mark 16:27-18) It is because God has ALREADY RELEASED His power for you to do that. YOU ARE a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ and the executor of His will! (1 Corinthians 3:9). If you don't, who will?! You are not trying to get God to release HIS healing power, He ALREADY released His healing power 2000 years ago when the blood of Jesus Christ flowed at Calvary! (1Peter 2:24) Healing for EVERY area of your life is available today!! It's like this, electricity is flowing to your home ALL of the time, it never stops flowing, however, you can flip the switch on or off. You are the operator of that electrical power. You are not the producer of it, but you do control whether or not it operates in your behalf. Flip the switch and the light comes on, and you have light. In the same way, God's power is flowing ALL OF THE TIME! He doesn't just let it flow when you are good and then turn it off when you are bad. That's not the way it works because our entire REDEMPTION package is based on the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST alone and our redemptive rights are activated by faith in what the blood of Jesus Christ has already accomplished. The power to heal the sick, cast out devils and rebuke the devil has ALREADY been released and you are the conduit it flows through! You ARE A HOLY, SPOTLESS, CLEAN, BLAMELESS ACCEPTED, APPROVED AND RIGHTEOUS vessel for God to use now, TODAY, because of the blood of Jesus. So, if you are waiting to become good enough for God to use you, you don't understand your LEGAL rights as a Christian, because you don't understand the BLOOD OF JESUS and what His blood accomplished for you and everyone. It is only by the blood of Jesus Christ, let me say that again, IT IS ONLY BY YHE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, that you can do any good works for God. If you take away the blood of Jesus, I don't care how perfect of a life you live, you still don't measure up to God's standard. If you did measure up perfectly, Jesus Christ would not have needed to die. You will never have it all together and be perfect in yourself, that's what the blood of Jesus was for! He perfected you forever by His blood. So stop looking at yourself and your shortcomings, and look to the blood of Jesus Christ and what His blood ALREADY accomplished. He is the only standard of perfection. When you understand that, you will be an unstoppable force for God!

-Ashley Robbins

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