2 Timothy 2:11
The logic of God endorses our faith, we were included in his death and are therefore equally included in his resurrection.

If you're a Christian, you believe that Jesus died, taking your place and paying for your sins. But do we really believe that we are equally included in His resurrection?

I have a friend whose Facebook name is a combination of her name and her husband's. I always visualize which one I think was commenting or posting. Today, I first pictured her husband commenting until I realized it was her. A new picture, feeling and response came. Seeing the correct person in my mind made a big difference.

When you think of yourself, who do you see? Do you see Christ? Do you see joy, peace, health and innocence? That is what God sees when He thinks of us! We are one with Christ and equally included in His resurrection, so see the real you! In verse 15 is says “Without any delay live your life from a place where you are familiar with the complete approval of God”

See yourself the way God does and have a victorious day!

Lori Rola

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