I want to end the series this week with a practical testimony of humbling myself to do what the Lord had instructed me to do.

One time, I was rushing in to work and I passed by a blind man with a cane.  I mean it was obvious he was blind, no doubt about it.  The Holy Spirit said to me, "Ask that man if he is blind".  My initial thought was, "WHAT! I don't need to ask him that, I would look like a fool, of course he is blind."  So I kept rushing into work, all the while the Holy Spirit kept dealing with me.  Finally, I humbled myself and said "ok Lord, I will ask him if he is blind."  So I ran out of work to go track this man down.  I found him and just blurted out "Sir, are you blind!"  It startled him, he said, "What?".  I said "Are you blind?"  I mean this man probably was thinking is she blind or is she mocking me?  He said, "Yes, I am blind".  Then I proceeded to ask him if he was born again.  He was.  Then I told him healing was for him, that he needed to receive healing and he needed to come to my church to get teaching on healing.  He said, "well I don't have a car."  I said, "My husband and I will pick you up and take you to church on Sunday." He agreed.  I told my husband the plan and he was like "honey, are you crazy!!!!  We don't know this man."  We argued for the entire week over this!  I said. "Well, I know this is God and I am just asking you to trust me.  Just drive over there, and if you don't have peace we will leave.  Well we pulled up to pick up the man on Sunday morning and I pointed out the man to him, and tears of compassion welled up in my husband's eyes.  He knew it was God too.  We took the man to church, and he ended up reuniting with a member of our congregation that he had known for several years!! He had been looking for this church member of ours for 5 years and GOD reunited them!!!  I mean how awesome is that.  Not only that, our Pastor taught on healing that service and the man received his total healing from blindness! How awesome!! God is so good, if we just humble ourselves.  It took humility for me to do that.  I mean people passing by probably thought, you dumb lady, can't you see the man is blind!  But what this gentleman told the church member he reunited with was "I never heard anyone speak so boldly to me, and if she hadn't done that I would have totally disregarded her invitation to church.  When she asked me "Are you blind?" it was as though God Himself was asking me that."  See, it didn't seem that way to me, I was just obeying what the Holy Spirit told me to do, and naturally I had an opportunity to feel dumb about it, but I chose to trust the Lord more than I trusted myself.

It takes humility to be an effective witness for Jesus Christ.  It takes humility to cast all of your cares over to the Lord with thanksgiving, instead of trying to make something happen in your own might and power.  It takes humility to lay hands on the sick.  Obedience to God's Word takes humility, and if there is any hint of pride in your life, you will resist God's wisdom in His Word and lean to your own understanding and own wisdom.  That is pride.  Listen to me, there have been many times the Lord has prompted me to do something, and I allowed my mind to get in the way and I did not humble myself, that was pride in my life.  This is a step by step journey, and what is awesome is all along the way, the Holy Spirit is right there along side you to aid you, assist you, and encourage you.  He will help you!  If you want to submit yourself to God and His instructions, the Holy Spirit will help you to do that if you will ask him.  Sometimes in situations where I have an opportunity to think "goodness, I could look really stupid here", I just say "Holy Spirit, I want to be obedient, I need you to help me."  He always will when we invite him.  The point of this devotional series is that God is wanting to get greater to each of us, and the greater comes as we choose to humble ourselves in greater obedience to His Word.

Love In Christ,

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