Notice in the scriptures that God's grace is always dependent upon our obedience.  Let me say that again, God's grace flowing to us is always dependent on our obedience to the Word of God.  I know there is alot of teaching contrary to this, but I will prove it to you through the scriptures.  

In James 4:6, he tells us greater grace will abound to us as we humble ourselves. The greater grace is dependent on our obedience to humble ourselves. In 2 Corinthians 9:8, the Word says, God is able to make all grace abound toward you, (this is in the context of the finances you have need of to do God's will) so you have all sufficiency for all things, and may abound to every good work, but, what does the previous verse say? It is dependent on our obedience to give financially into the Kingdom of God.  Why is this?  IT TAKES FAITH to be obedient to God's Word, because to the natural mind God's Word makes no sense.  

Listen to me, a person cannot live in sin and live by faith at the same time. It takes no faith at all to live in sin and yield to the carnal, natural man (the mind and the flesh).  However, it does take faith to say no to the flesh and the mind, and to say yes to the Spirit of God and God's Word. If an individual is living in sin, they are accessing God's mercy, NOT his grace. Mercy gives you another chance and another chance and another chance.  It gives us a fresh start when we repent because we know we missed the mark.  Mercy does not answer your prayers!  God's grace HAS ALREADY ANSWERED your prayers, and when you respond to His grace IN FAITH, which is obedience to act upon His Word, you will see the manifestation of that which you have longed for.  

When you were obedient to the Word of God at the New Birth, you believed in your heart and said yes to Jesus as your savior.  You obeyed what the Word told you to do to be born again, and through that you accessed God's grace.  
God's grace does what you CANNOT DO, and what you don't deserve, when you act in faith.  His grace overhauled you, and made you a totally New Creation, and made your body a suitable dwelling place for the Spirit of Almighty God only once you responded in obedience and faith to the very clear instructions in His Word.  Only God could make you a new creation, you could not do that, that's His grace at work in your behalf because you obeyed the instructions in the Word in faith.  That is true humility.  You positioned yourself to receive God's grace by faith by obedience to the Word of God.

This is such great news!!!  It is such great news because in simple child-like faith, we can take any promise we see in the bible, and in faith, step out to obey that promise and reap the harvest!!!  We do not have to be prompted by the Holy Spirit or "feel" anything special.  In simple child-like faith, today, you can step out and obey the Word and it will produce the biblical result!  What great news!!  

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