James 4:6
God gives greater grace, He resist the proud but gives grace to the humble.  Submit yourselves to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you.

We all want greater grace abounding to us, right?  So how do we submit to God and position ourselves for greater grace?  We submit to God by honoring His Word.  That means, not just being a hearer of the Word, but humbling ourselves to DO what the Word teaches us to do.  That's how we submit to God.  We are obedient to do what the Word of God teaches us to do.  Satan will ALWAYS try to tempt us to do something contrary to what the Word tells us to do because he knows he will be able to gain the advantage over us if he can get us into the place of disobedience to the Word.  

In every situation we need to ask ourselves, what does the Word say to do.  This is the ONLY way we will know where the desire to do something is coming from.  Once we know what the Word says, then we make our flesh and our mind line up with the Word so we can do the will of God.  That is how we stay out of the enemy's camp and under the protection of God.  This keeps us out of pride and in humility, placing us in a position to receive greater grace from God!  Greater grace from God means greater favor abounding to you so you can accomplish the greater for God!  Some of us have remained stagnant for years in one little area. Yes we are blessed, and yes God is doing some awesome things through us, but there is MORE He is wanting to do, and as we humble ourselves in obedience to His Word, the greater and the more will begin to happen in us and through us.  The Father is always wanting to launch us into the deeper things with Him, and that comes by humbling ourselves to a greater and greater degree through obedience to His Word.

Let me encourage you with this, humbling one's self is an act of your own will.  You make a choice to humble yourself.  Circumstances do not humble you, and no man can make you humble yourself. It is a choice that is within our power to make, with the help of the Holy Spirit. I have seen men try to force a person to humble themselves, and it has not worked.  Someone can humiliate you, but they cannot make you humble yourself before God.  In fact, in a particular person, I noticed the opposite happened, that person only became more prideful and obstinate.  I have seen sickness take hold in a person's body and that did not cause humility to come, instead that person became prideful about their sickness, boasting about how sick they were at every opportunity given.  Humility is a choice we make, which is great news, because with the help of the Holy Spirit and a choice of our will, we can choose to walk in humility before God and see the greater grace abound.

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