1 Peter 5:6 
humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God and He will exalt you in due time.

Today we are continuing to discuss how we can position ourselves to receive all that God has already provided for us.  The far majority of testimonies in my life have occurred because I had ears to hear what God was saying THROUGH a servant of God (God appointed and anointed Pastors).  

We read in 1 Peter 5:6:  humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God and He will exalt you in due time (the right time, proper time, the right season of your life)

Now, notice in 1 Peter 5:5, the previous verse, it tells younger ones to SUBMIT themselves to the older ones.  I think it is very interesting that before your time of honor comes, first, you show honor to those over you by submitting to their authority. Wow! That's powerful!  Why submit to those over you? First, there is divine godly protection in that, second, because you DON'T know it all.  You need divine and godly counsel from someone God Himself has ordained as a ministry gift.  Once we submit ourselves to those who have rule over us, then the time of exalting (honor) will come.  Until then, you will wait.

I am not talking about submitting yourself to a man who ordained himself over a church.  I am talking about asking God to lead you to a church, where a man or woman (yes, God uses women in the pulpit) that has been sent as a gift by God Himself (Ephesians 4:11) and has been instituted in the church by God Himself, submit yourselves to that Pastor.  That Pastor has wisdom for you that God will show them because of the office they stand in!  Find a God anointed and God appointed Pastor and then trust them.  Then, NO MATTER WHAT, stay faithful and loyal there.  If God planted you there, DO NOT uproot yourself from that assembly, because if you do, you have just stepped into disobedience (pride) and that will cost you dearly.  

There is a hierarchy in God's kingdom, and it has been established for our very own protection.  Not only that, it is a test of your character and HUMILITY as to whether or not you can submit to those (joyfully) who have rank over you.  God is looking at your heart before promotion comes.  If you won't submit to those who have rule over you before your promotion from God, how much more terrible would it be for you if your promotion came and you still are not submitted to anyone?  I will tell you, it would destroy you, and I can prove that to you.  1 Timothy 3:6 tells us that a novice is not to be put in a position of leadership or set to oversee the church because he may become inflated with pride and conceited and the devil would cause him to fall.  Our Father loves us and wants to protect us, and the promotion and honor that comes from God Himself will not come until one has the mark of tried and tested humility developed in their life.  Many of us need to learn true submission to those who God has given rank over us.  It is for our benefit, safety, and protection. Once we learn to humbly submit, and honor those above us, then we have positioned ourselves to receive the honor the comes from God alone.  

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