2 Peter 1:5
“Now (in the light of what we are gifted with in Christ) the stage is set to display life’s excellence.  Explore the adventure of faith!”

I recently listened to a pastor explain how faith is coming into complete, total agreement with everything that is written in the Bible, the living, active and powerful Word Of God. That is when the “light” went on for me, a revelation came. The word faith began to take meaning. I so want to come into complete agreement and explore the adventure.

When I read the Bible, I read it out loud so that I can hear it also. It’s me repeating what God has just said - to me! Remembering also that God is in me and I am in God, John 14:20, makes it even more powerful.

So exciting! The adventure of faith! Coming into agreement, believing that the finished work of Christ, is for me, in us!

Every time you read the Word, take it as His Word for YOU and begin the adventure of faith!

Lori Rola

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