2 Peter 1:8  
While you diligently rehearse the exact qualities of every divine attribute within you, the volume will rise with ever increasing gusto, guarding you from being ineffective and barren in your knowledge of the Christ-life, displayed with such authority and eloquence in Jesus.

I was reading this one morning and it hit me: diligently rehearse! The Lord wants us to diligently rehearse, not just some of the qualities and characteristics of Him in us but every single one!
Why? To have the knowledge of the Christ-life and what that truly means for us. We are innocent before God through Jesus. We are righteous, blameless, worthy, we are just like Jesus! We have life to the full, overflowing! We are healed, saved, protected, and prosperous! We are Kings Kids! We are new creations in Christ, old things have passed away! We have a sound mind, not a spirit of fear! We are IN Christ! We can do all things through Jesus! We are more than conquerors! Crowned with loving kindness and compassion! Our youth is renewed! We are His redeemed image and likeness in human form!

God loves us so much and satan doesn't want us to remember that and who we really are, so diligently rehearse and be blessed with the Christ-life that is yours!

Lori Rola

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