Part 5

Mark 16:17:  And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues, they shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them, they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.

It seemed good to me to end this series of devotionals with a healing testimony that personally changed my life forever.

In 2000 my mom was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  She had experienced compromised motor skills and function in her body from the MS, and had had multiple lesions on her brain from the disease.  The doctor's report was, "she would eventually end up in a wheelchair and die from the disease."  My mom had known the Lord when she was a little girl and grew up in a baptist household. As she got older, she got off the path of following The Lord for various reasons.  At the point that she was diagnosed with MS, she was not wholeheartedly following the Lord.  Word spread, and my Uncle Ronnie heard of the doctor's report to my mom. He called her and suggested that she come to his church in South Carolina to have hands laid upon her by his Pastor.  When my mom heard this, hope and faith sprang forth in her heart.  Instead of believing the doctor's report that she would end up in a wheelchair and die, she chose to believe the report of the Lord.  The report of the Lord is found in Isaiah 53:1-5.  My mom went and had the Pastor and the people of the church lay hands upon her.  As hands were laid upon her, she was INSTANTLY healed.  She knew she had received her healing.  She returned to the doctor a few weeks later for a follow-up appointment that had been scheduled.  She told the doctor when she arrived, "I am completely healed".  They took scans of her brain,and they were dumbfounded.  They could not believe it, so they did another set of scans of her brain.  The report was the report of the Lord, and ALL lesions had disappeared, Glory to God!  

I want you to notice a couple of things about her testimony.  

First, she was not following the Lord wholeheartedly when she was diagnosed, and yet she still received her healing. If you are a child of God but have gotten off the path, just get back on the path.  He loves you and cares for you affectionately, and is not withholding healing from you because you have "messed up".  He wants you to come to Him and receive all that He has provided for you. That is the love of our Father.  As a result of receiving her healing, my mom fell in love with the Lord all over again and began attending church once again.  

Second, faith was in her heart when she had hands laid on her.  She didn't go to "see if something would happen", she went believing with all of her heart that when hands were laid upon her that she would receive her healing, and she did.

Third, her healing was instantaneous.  It would be wonderful if all of us received our healing in a split second like that, but it is in direct proportion to your faith.  Jesus said in Matthew 9:29:  according to your faith be it unto you.  For some people, it takes time to build faith in their heart on a particular subject because they have so much in their mind contrary to the Word of God.  The mind must be renewed with the Word of God to root out wrong thinking.  For others, they just believe the Word instantly.  My mom has ALWAYS been quick to believe, even in the most terrible circumstances, she trusts in the unfailing love of the Father for her and His Word.  I admire that about her!! Sometimes I am a little more analytical, and if you are analytical, it may take a little more time to solidify a belief in your heart.  That's ok, just keep pressing into the Word, find scriptures to support your case, and refuse to be denied.

Lastly, I want you to know that because of my mom's healing, I received my salvation.  My mom had been healed for a few years before I accepted Jesus as my Lord, but, I never could get away from the fact of how she was experiencing loss of motor skills in her body one day and then she was instantly healed the next day.  It baffled me and stuck with me, and ultimately at the darkest point of my life, I knew there was hope for me in Jesus Christ if I would surrender and give my life to Him, and trust Him just as my mom did. 

If you have not received Jesus, you can believe with your heart and say right now, "I believe Jesus is Lord and that God has raised Him from the dead on my behalf.  Jesus, I accept you now as both my Lord and Savior." Romans 10:9-10 tells us that is our only requirement to be saved.  If you believed that in your heart and said that, you are now in the family of God, and can expect that your greatest days are ahead of you!  For He is a wonderful Savior and kinsman redeemer!

All Glory be to God!

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