1 Peter 5:7
Casting all your cares upon Him, because He cares for you.

Life seems to get hectic without us even noticing it.  Right when you sit down to spend time in the Word, a million other things that you 'should' be doing come to mind.  Satan is subtle, don't let him distract you from doing the most important thing, spending time with Jesus.

The more you make time for the Lord, the more you will see Him at work in your life.  Your seemingly hectic day will be taken care of.  As you sit with Jesus, His still small voice will become more and more recognizable.  It's difficult to hear Him in the midst of all the worries so many of us carry around.  Give your cares to the Lord, and then rest in His presence.

Our Father loves us so deeply, He wants to take care of us.  When we cast our worries and anxieties upon Him, He takes care of them.  He takes the situations we're going through and works them out for our good.

The next time you sit down to read the Word and spend time with the Savior, don't let the devil distract you.  The Lord has so much for you, today.  Take time to listen to His still small voice.


Be blessed,

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