Psalm 27:4
though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with his hand.

I am so thankful for my dad.  I come to him with CRAZY ideas all the time!  "DAD I want to quit my job and go to Bible college!" or "DAD I want to move from city to city and minister to people when I graduate!" or even this one "DAD I want to start a clothing line!"

I go to my dad because I know I can count on him to support me.  
He trusts the Holy Spirit in me.
I love that about him!

It's nice having an earthly father who supports me!  You know what's better, though!?
Having a GOD who supports me!

The God of the entire universe, the maker of the Heavens and Earth, wants to take time to hear about YOUR dreams and aspirations!  He placed those dreams in you!  He's not going to shun you and tell you, "That's a crazy idea!"  Just like my dad, He's going to say, "GO FOR IT!"

The thing is, I feel so free to follow my dreams because I KNOW that if I fail, my dad's going to be there to put the pieces back together!

Our heavenly Father is even better!  We can follow our dreams because if we crash and burn, He's going to be there to fix it!  He's not going to let you fail!  You're HIS CHILD!  HE LOVES YOU!  It's HIS desire for YOU to be a success! The Lord is holding YOU UP!

What's the seemingly crazy dream the Lord's given you!?

Be blessed,

Happy Fathers day to my dad and all dads.  

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