John 6:35
Jesus replied, “I am the Bread of Life. No one coming to me will ever be hungry again. Those believing in me will never thirst.

Your heart hungers just as your stomach hungers.

Have you ever gone a long period of time without eating a food you really enjoy? As time goes by you don't desire that food much at all. But if you do eat that food that you enjoy, have you noticed how you will start craving for that food that you haven't craved for in months?

Spiritual hunger is the same way. The longer you go without feeding on the Word, the less you crave it. But when you get a taste for that Word and start feeding on it, you will notice your desire and cravings for the Word will increase.

Natural cravings and hunger will make you rummage through the pantry and fridge or even go to the grocery store to fulfill that craving. Spiritual hunger will also make you go to greater lengths to get the Word you desire.

What do you hunger for?

-Kimberley Garove

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