The other day, I was so blessed by a post Ashley shared on facebook.  She graciously allowed me to post it on Stark Beauty for you all to read. 
The word of God is alive and active, it is powerful!  I pray that as you read through this, you will begin to realize your true identity in Christ.  You are victorious!

Be blessed,

Written by: Ashley Robbins 

Psalm 138:2: Jubilee Bible 2000
I will worship the temple of thy holiness and praise thy name above thy mercy and thy truth; for thou hast made thy name to be magnificent and raised up thy spoken word above all things!
In every situation and circumstance, speak the Word only! The spoken Word of God is to be the supreme and final authority in our lives. In everything, if we speak anything but the Word of God, we are releasing an evil report just as the ten spies chose to do. There were ten spies who chose to speak contrary to what God had said to them. God told them, the land is yours and it is a good land and I have given it to you. Now God was waiting to hear their response back to Him, and ten of them said, BUT the land is full of giants! They chose to look at the land with their NATURAL eyes instead of their SPIRITUAL eyes. They SAW WHY THEY COULD NOT DO IT! As a result of speaking that evil report two things happened, first, the Word says they REBELLED against the Lord because they did not speak what God spoke, and second they received what they said. They refused to acknowledge what God had said and therefore they NEVER entered into what God had for them, they died wandering around in the wilderness. BUT, Joshua and Caleb said , WE ARE WELL ABLE TO POSSESS THE LAND. They SAW HOW THEY COULD DO IT because they knew God was on THEIR SIDE!! Their Words agreed with God's Word and because of that, they walked in all that God had prepared for them.

Let our words always coincide with the Word of God, if we acknowledge sickness and disease and pain in our life we are rebelling against The Lord and we are dishonoring His Word. If we speak words of doubt and unbelief over our children or our spouse, we are rebelling against the Lord. It is just as easy to speak the report of the Lord as it is to speak an evil report, so choose to honor what the Word of God says about you. We shouldn't be walking by SIGHT, we are to walk by FAITH. Faith says what God has said. Child of God, you should never talk about sickness, disease, lack or insufficiency because that is not what the Word says about you. The Word says you are healthy, whole, delivered, you have all sufficiency for all things, and you are redeemed, not by corruptible things but by the incorruptible blood of Jesus Christ!! The Word says, LET THE REDEEMED OF THE LORD SAY SO!! Say "I AM THE REDEEMED OF THE LORD AND I SAY SO!!" And then tell the devil to take his hands off of you and every aspect of your life in the name of Jesus! CHOOSE to believe the Word and Speak the Word only and possess what Jesus HAS ALREADY BOUGHT AND PAID FOR YOU! It is your covenant right as a child of God! Do not allow the enemy to hold you in ANY FORM of bondage, Jesus paid too high a price with His Blood for you to not walk in your full inheritance and covenant rights and privileges! You are a child of the most High God, get knowledge of what Jesus has purchased for you, believe it, speak it and walk in it!


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