Proverbs 29:18
Where there is no vision, the people perish:

I've always been a dreamer.
BIG, BOLD, God-sized dreams.

As a young girl, I wanted to be a famous singer...I still secretly would like that, but if you've heard my singing voice you probably know that one won't pan out...  

Besides being a famous singer...For as long as I can remember I've had a dream to have a women's ministry.  The Lord placed that dream deep in my heart at a young age.

After graduating from college, I quickly began working full-time.  I honestly enjoyed my job.  I worked with fun people, got to travel, and had a cute little apartment.  I kept thinking, well one day I'll have a ministry.  One day.
Even though things were going so well at work, I kept hearing the Lord's still small voice telling me to take a step of faith.

The Lord spoke and I listened.

I quit my job, packed my bags, and moved to South Carolina to attend Charis Bible College.  I heard His voice and took action. Five years from now I refuse to look back on my life and not be closer to the dream the Lord placed in me.  I want to look back and know I not only heard from the Lord, but listened.

The Lord placed deep in your heart a dream, a God-Sized, God-Given dream.  Don't let fear stop you.
Take your first step today.
Whatever that step looks like, just take it!
Maybe it's simply writing your vision down.
Maybe it's literally picking up everything and moving.
Whatever your dream is, do SOMETHING today, ANYTHING.
After you take the first step, the Lord WILL give you the next step.

The Lord placed big dreams deep down in you.  Dreams that only He can fulfill.  

You might think your dream is impossible to reach, but it's not.  
We serve the creator of the entire universe.  He created you with purpose and with talents.  

Start dreaming big. 
The Lord has the blue prints to your dreams.  As you begin to seek Him He will lay out the plan, step-by-step.

What's YOUR dream?
What are the step's you've taken to get there?
Share it with us.  We'd love to believe with you.


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