When You’re All Dream & No Dwell:
the secret to really chasing your heart’s desire

by Rachel Marie Kang
Photograph // Lydia Toll

We fold, altogether come undone. Our messy souls—like a gathering of papers blown out by the wind, falling and floating books without the bindings—all pages flapping like the wings of birds in flight.

We are moving, and sound roars beneath our wings. We are ever chasing…but never grasping. We are ever running…but never reaching. Scattered and spread thin, it feels like we are all direction and no destination. Indelibly enfettered—we are all dream and no dwell.

A dream is that rowdy riot, that unrelenting sound deep within that shouts and kicks and screams, calling for a future that must come forth, a reality that must become. And there is not one waking, walking soul that exists without hearing a dream’s call from within. That beckoning, whispering nudge? That bellowing desire from within the heart?

Hear it calling? Telling you who you are and what you must do? That is your dream.

How often, though, does the chasing leave us breathless and winded, gasping for air? How often does it leave us empty and unfilled, when we fail at grabbing hold? And even when we reach our dreams, like sand slipping through the fingers, it never lasts and we are left only wanting more. It is an endless taunting, this never-ending rhythm. Like a child’s game of hide-and-seek, we are the seekers, and dreams are the hidden, never to be found.

So that gaping desire in your soul, the one you wake up with everyday. That one you take with you to the desk slammed with stickies, to the table round with friends, to the bed hot with love. It’s an insatiable desire. It will always gape wide and it will always yawn open.

The secret to really chasing your heart’s desire can only be chasing the One that all hearts desire. 

There is no wild dream, no tame dream alike, that satisfies the soul like the becalmed intimacy that comes from dwelling with God.

And what does dwell mean, but only to read the Word of God. As to listen to Him. As to marvel and gaze upon Him. As to fall apart before Him. As to bloom open like a flower, wild and bare, in the presence of Him.

What is it but relenting, finally folding into His love and finding that, the very wings that once flapped in pursuit of purpose now find rest in the peace of His presence—that place where all strivings cease, but for that one desire to know God and the dream to make Him known.

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