Psalm 139:17
How precious are your thoughts about me O God.  They cannot be numbered! 

For a long time, I was a HUGE Tim Tebow fan.  Possibly due to his love for Jesus and impressive athleticism, but that's beside the point...

When my uncle gave me tickets to the Jets game, I could not contain my excitement!  I was finally going to meet Tim Tebow, I just knew he was going to see me in the crowd, we were going to lock eyes, and the rest would be history.  I even made a sign!

I wasn't lying when I said I was a huge fan, but do you know what!? The Lord is an even bigger fan of YOU.  He knows your jersey number, eye color, hair color, height, and all of your stats!  He even made you a sign!  His thoughts toward you are ENDLESS!  They cannot be numbered!  The Lord is cheering for you, He's on your side! And unlike me thinking about Tim Tebow, the Lord is ALWAYS thinking about you.

Lesson of the day: the Lord clearly thinks YOU'RE worth His time.

Be blessed,

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