1 Timothy 6:12
Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

Most of you know about my battle with Alopecia Universalis.  It's funny, my new friends in South Carolina really have no idea who I was.  They see pictures of me when I was bald, but they know me as healed.  When I go back home to New York on breaks, those are the friends who knew me as bald, and now see me healed.  It's kind of awesome.

Alopecia Universalis was something I didn't hide from the world, people saw me bald, and now they see me healed.  What only a handful of people know is that alongside Alopecia I also struggled quite severely from Hashimoto.  The first time I decided to go off of my medication, it took my roommate to point out to me that she thought something might be wrong with me.  I would sleep all the time, and when I was awake I would often be found crying... Well, I probably shouldn't have gone off my medication just yet.  I didn't have a revelation of God's healing power, I just thought that if I went off my medication it would prove to God how much I trusted Him to heal me.  Well, I got my blood taken and my doctor was pretty amazed that I was even functioning.  Obviously, I was forced to go back onto my very high dosage of medication.

Years later, as I was praying in my car it became so clear to me that it was time to go off my medication. This time, I went off knowing that it wasn't me proving to God that I trusted Him.  This time, it was me going off my medication knowing that He already healed me.
I am not telling you to go off of your medication, but for me, I needed to take a step of faith.  Faith without works is dead.  If God healed me on the cross, then I was going to trust Him for my healing to manifest.  And it did.

I do not have any proof that my thyroid was healed at any particular moment, but I can tell you that I sure did feel a difference in my body.  I was no longer tired all the time, I was no longer dependent on a medication to keep me going.  I was dependent on God to keep me going.

Well, this past week my mind was very foggy.  If you have struggled with this disease you may be familiar with the feeling.  I slept for 14 hours and still could hardly wake up.  I knew what it was but I didn't want to think about it.  Today, I faced it.
Sometimes you have to keep fighting.  You have to labor into the rest (Hebrews 4).
Timothy tells us to fight the good fight of faith.
I'm thanking the Lord today that He healed me 2,000 years ago.
Today I am standing on the promise that I am healed.  I am whole.
The thief came to steal from me this week, but my God has already provided all I need to win.
I am laboring into the rest.  I am thanking God for healing my body even when I do not "feel" healed.  I am commanding my body to function the way it is supposed to function, perfectly.

Friends, what I want you to know is that Jesus has already provided you with everything you need.  It is the thief who comes to deceive you.  He tries to tell you that you aren't worthy.  He tries to tell you that you aren't healed.  He will do anything possible to kill you.
Fight the good fight of faith.  Satan is under your feet, a defeated foe.

Claim your victory today.  Stand with me as I stand with Jesus.


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  1. You are a true soldier of Jesus and spread his word by living his Gospel.