Psalms 139:17  

How precious are your thoughts about me, O God.  They cannot be numbered!  

This week in church I was thinking about my school loans.  I was thinking how awesome it would be if they were all paid off. I began to think how difficult it's going to be for me to pay them off myself, little by little. I was thinking how the Lord is probably trying to teach me some lesson, like, don't go into debt, or learn to save money, or learn to be more responsible.

As I was meditating on this the Holy Spirit began to speak to me. I thought of my earthly father and wondered if he would pay off my debt if he had an extra $30,000, then I thought, well, he'd probably want me to learn a lesson and pay off my own debt, too.
After church, I asked my dad, just to be sure. I laid the situation out for him very clearly.

Dad, if you had an extra $30,000 would you give it to me to pay off my loans, or would you want me to pay it off myself so that I can learn a lesson (insert whatever lesson you'd like)

His response- I'd give you the $30,000!
Of course, he would!!

Often I think there is NO way the lord would do something that generous, or that kind for me. Then I look at my earthly father and see how kind and loving he is. When I was sick my dad would have done ANYTHING to heal me, and yet I didn't think the lord was willing to heal me. Many of us think we have to earn christ's love, or earn our healing, or earn our prosperity. I didn't have to earn my dad's love, he just loved me. If he had an extra $30,000 he'd give it to me without thinking twice. If he could have given me hair, he would've done it in a second.

Jesus loves us so much more than our earthly father. His thoughts toward us cannot be numbered.

If you think your earthly father loves you, that's only a fragment of christ's love for you.

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